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Multiplier Announces SOC2 Compliance - Reinforcing Our Commitment to Data Security

At Multiplier, we believe that security is the foundation of trust between us and our customers. We are pleased to announce that we are now SOC2 Type 1 compliant—but this is not the end of our commitment to the safety and security of our customers’ data. We can not overstate how excited we are, as well as the significance of SOC2.

What is SOC2 Type 1?

Needless to say, achieving SOC2 Type 1, is no easy feat. SOC2 compliance is a robust framework that allows service providers like Multiplier to demonstrate our security and compliance posture to our customers. The SOC2 audit evaluates a service provider’s internal security controls across various domains, including security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. SOC2 Type 1 is the first step towards SOC2 Type 2, which evaluates the effectiveness of a service provider’s internal security controls over a period of time. 

At Multiplier, we continuously monitor our internal security controls against the SOC2 framework. We have real-time visibility across the organisation to ensure that our systems are secure and compliant at all times. 

The Benefits of Being SOC2 Compliant

  1. It establishes a standard of security excellence: SOC2 requires companies to undergo an extensive audit and review process by an independent third-party. This audit means that our customers can trust that Multiplier has sound data security practices in place.
  2. It facilitates the onboarding process: Multiplier’s SOC2 certification will expedite the onboarding process for our enterprise customers. The certification serves as proof to our customers that we meet the established security standards and have passed a rigorous security audit.
  3. It strengthens our commitment: SOC2 certification positions Multiplier as an industry leader in data security and reinforces our commitment to our customers.
  4. It mitigates risk: Multiplier’s SOC2 compliance provides a level of security assurance for our customers. With it, you can know we have implemented the necessary controls to mitigate any potential risks to their data.
  5. It safeguards our customers’ data: Compliance with the SOC2 standard assures our customers that Multiplier’s people, processes, and technology have been assessed against industry standards.

It’s imperative, especially in our world, that our customers trust us with their sensitive data, and we take this responsibility very seriously. SOC2 Type 1 compliance is proof that we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards of security and compliance. We will continue to work towards SOC2 Type 2 compliance and other security and compliance certifications to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.

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Vaibhavi Desai
Vaibhavi Desai

Technical Program Management, EPD

Vaibhavi is a Technical Program Manager at Multiplier.

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