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Deliver an exceptional HR & payroll experience for every employee - accurately and on time.

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Smart & predictable pay cycles

Experience risk-free, compliant global payroll that calculates multi-country tax, benefits and compensation so you don’t have to.

One seamless platform

We’ve streamlined global payroll into a single, sustainable workflow. Eliminate your admin and buy back time with an easy to use dashboard and seamless payroll preview. 

Embrace routine efficiency

24/5 support

Got questions? Get world class, round the clock technical support from a real human at any time, Monday to Friday.

You’re protected

We use AWS hosting services and process personal data in compliance with GDPR.

Local expertise

Our team of payroll experts are stationed all over the globe,  equipped with local knowledge and multiple languages.


We got it. We’ll keep you compliant in every country and across country-specific labor laws and regulations.

Compliant payroll - at scale

Build teams and expand into new markets without increasing payroll admin. Offer an exceptional and consistent experience across multiple countries and growing headcounts

Ultimate visibility

Take control of every pay cycle with Multiplier’s payroll preview feature. Fully transparent, you’ll see who’s getting paid, when and how

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HR management

Payroll reports

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