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Transparent & upfront pricing

Leverage a world-class international employment platform with zero hidden costs. Multiplier’s pricing is flat and standardized at $400 per employee per month and $40/per freelancer/contractor per month. You can be rest assured that every cent is clearly accounted for.

One-stop solution for global employment

Manage your international workforce’s payroll, compliance, and benefits effortlessly. Hire and onboard an employee in Japan, pay your freelancers/contractors in Istanbul, Toronto, & Manila, and compliantly offer benefits to employees in 150+ countries — all from ONE platform.

Legal protection and local expertise 

Navigate the complex landscape of compliance with a strong team of on-site legal experts. Protect your IP rights while working with global employees with concrete employment contracts. With Multiplier, you can generate locally compliant employment contracts in minutes, not days.

A winning employee experience

Offer your global teams an easy-to-use platform to track expense requests, payslips, bonuses & other benefits. Provide all the visibility your employees need & create a seamless employment experience with you. In the meantime, get your hands on an integrated platform to track your team’s leaves, expenses, timesheets, etc.

Questions to ask before you choose a global employment solution, including us:

Upfront, Simple and Affordable Pricing

Hire Employees

Onboard full-time employees in countries where you don’t have entities

What’s Covered

Starting from



Pay Freelancers

Onboard and pay freelancers across the globe in minutes

What’s Covered

Starting from



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