Hire and onboard employees without opening up an entity

Onboard employees in any country in minutes. Manage the entire payroll, labor law compliance & benefits. Use Multiplier to onboard talent anywhere in the world — swiftly & compliantly.

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Trusted by industry leaders to support their global payroll and compliance

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Say goodbye to international employment complexities

Employing global teams can seem quite hard. You must stay on top of local labor laws to ensure you are fully compliant. On top of that, businesses must go through the tedious process of setting up local entities in countries where they wish to hire.

Why Multiplier?

With Multiplier, you can employ overseas workers & expand globally without setting up entities. In other words, Multiplier will act as the legal employer of your global employees while you manage the day-to-day working relationship with them.

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Craft multilingual & regionally compliant employment contracts

Comply with changing labor laws and country-specific tax policies

Leverage a faster solution that has global presence in 150+ countries

Offload your international teams' payroll & taxes to Multiplier

The preferred choice of leading global organizations

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Global Compliance

Employ cross-border teams — without the inherent risks

Employ overseas confidently with the expertise of on-ground legal teams. Let Multiplier take care of your employment compliance be it for taxes, social contributions, or insurance policies. Expand into global markets & leave compliance to us.

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6317316edc251e29f11751c8 Leverage Multi Country Payroll That Lets You Scale Your Business

Global Payroll

Leverage multi-country payroll that lets you scale your business

Seamlessly process payroll in over 120 currencies worldwide. Use Multiplier to run payroll efficiently where you don’t own entities and where you own entities. Don’t worry about hidden fees or charges, our pricing is standardized.

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Legal Partners

Avail local legal expertise in every country to make sure you are spot on with everything around employment compliance.

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Team Experience

An integrated and seamless team experience

Enjoy a holistic team experience where both you & your employee can view and track expenses, time offs, benefits, bonuses, and more — in one place.


Give your global team a delightful onboarding experience

Give Your Global Team A Delightful Onboarding Experience

How It Works


Hire the right candidate for the job


Onboard on Multiplier & generate a contract instantly


The new overseas employee gets onboarded on Multiplier’s payroll


Multiplier processes monthly payroll in employee’s local currency

Get to know us better

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiplier is new-age SaaS-based global employment solution. With presence in 150+ countries, Multiplier facilitates seamless global employment and expansion for businesses looking to set up international teams

Onboarding employees on Multiplier’s happens in a few clicks. Practically, you can employ new foreign talent in your company in less than 24 hours

Multiplier has its own local entities in over 150 countries across APAC, Europe and Americas

No. Multiplier does not offer help with setting up a local infrastructure in a foreign country. However, you can use Multiplier’s local entities to park your employees on our payroll

Take a tour of all the EOR solutions in the market. Hiring an employee can cost anywhere between $1000 – $2000

However, Multiplier’s EOR solution saves you anywhere between 70-90% of the cost of hiring a traditional EOR. Partnering with Multiplier, you can hire full-time employees at $400/employee and $40/freelancer

Multiplier’s platform supports hiring and offering benefits for both employees and contractors

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Get your international team on board in a matter of minutes