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Work Permit in Indonesia

Why is Work Permit Needed?

The foreign workers interested in working in Indonesia need to have an Indonesian work permit visa complying with the immigration laws. However, due to the new laws and regulations, the work visa process has become long and complex. Therefore, a locally licensed entity should sponsor the work permit issued to a foreign employee.

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Work Permit in Indonesia

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Types of Indonesia Work Visa

There are two significant types of work visas available for foreign employees willing to work in Indonesia: 

Work Permit (IMTA):

This work permit is issued to foreign employees who have that skill that no Indonesian national possesses and can contribute to the job. The processing time of the work permit is most likely to change due to inconsistency in the regulations and laws around the application process. 
Initially, the work permit for Indonesia is issued for one year and can be renewed.

Business Visa:

This visa is issued to foreigners coming into the country for business purposes and doesn’t approve employment or work in Indonesia. With a business visa, one can conduct temporary work assignments and training assignments.

Requirements for an Indonesia Work Permit and by Indonesian Employers

The Indonesian work permit requirements may differ based on the cases and the type of application. However, here is the list of essential documents required for the work visa process:

Documents Required for RPTKA Application 

  • You must have a letter detailing the reasons for hiring a foreign employee and the specific position expected to be filled. 
  • The application form for the Indonesian work permit visa. 
  • You must present the company’s deed of establishment along with the ministerial approval and the adjustments. 
  • You must share the evidence of the company’s paid-up capital which should be at least IDR 1,000,000,000. 
  • You must submit the company organization chart.
  • You must have a letter of recommendation for the required technical ministry, i.e., if the company is associated with education, transportation, mining, or oil & gas. 
  • There should be one Indonesian counterpart employee per foreign employee hired. 
  • You must also submit the education and training plan for the Indonesian counterpart. 
  • You must submit the Wajib Lapor Ketenagakerjaan (WLK), an annual report that states the number of ex-pats and local employees. 

Documents Required For IMTA Application 

  • You must have the RPTKA approval 
  • You must submit a copy of your passport 
  • You must have proof of education and experience in the related field 
  • You must submit a certificate of work experience (At least five years required) 
  • You must submit a letter stating your acceptance to work in an Indonesian company 
  • You must submit proof of an insurance policy issued by an authorized Indonesian Insurance company
  • You must submit the National Social Security policy and Tax identification number (NPWP)
  • You must share proof of the DPKK (Skill & Development fund) fee 
  • You must submit your two passport size color pictures  

Documents Required For KITAS Application 

From the Employer: 

  • You must submit a copy of the RPTKA 
  • You must share a copy of the sponsor’s identity card (KTP)
  • You must submit a copy of the identity card of a local employee who is working for the company 
  • You must submit company documents like: 
  • The NPWP tax identification number 
  • The Capital Registration Licence (SPPMA) from the BKPM
  • The company’s annual reports on the number of local and international employees (Wajib Lapor)
  • Company’s certificate of domicile (SKTU)
  • The Business license (SIUP)
  • The company’s registration letter (TDP)
  • The company’s approval certificates and any related permits (SITU & HO)
  • The authorization of deed establishment (Akta Notaris) by the Department of Justice
  • You must submit a blank sheet of paper with the company’s letterhead 
  • You must submit a company’s stamp 

From the Employee: 

  • You must submit a colored copy of your passport, which is valid for at least 18 months.
  • You must submit a colored copy of your resume. This must contain the company’s stamp and the company’s director’s signature over the stamp. 
  • You must submit a colored copy of the University’s certificate or the highest level of Education degree. This must be translated into either English or Bahasa Indonesia. It should also have the company’s stamp and signature by the director over the stamp.
  • You must submit a certificate of work experience with at least five years. 
  • You must submit proof of insurance the Indonesian insurance company issues.
  • You must submit two passport-sized pictures in colored format. 
  • If you’re migrating with your family, then submit their: 
  • Color scanned copies of passports 
  • A certificate of Marriage if bringing a spouse 
  • An original birth certificate of Children 
  • Passport-sized photographs (2 for each family member)

Indonesia Work Permit Visa Application Process

Wondering how to get a working permit in Indonesia? The Indonesian work permit visa process is quite long and includes multiple approvals from various government officials. Know how to get a work visa for Indonesia:

  • The company must comply with the conditions stated by the Expatriate Placement Plan. 
  • The Expatriate Placement Plan ensures what foreign expertise is required and, therefore, who should be issued the work permit to develop the country. The national, multinational, and joint venture firms have to submit a workforce plan and a detailed report of their requirement for a foreign employee to the Kemenakertans.
  • The foreign employees must obtain a recommendation from the Manpower Department if hired by an Indonesian company. And if it is a foreign company, then a recommendation from the Investment Board Department is required.
  • The company has to apply for the work permit (IMTA – Ijin Mempekerjakan Tenaga Kerja Asing)
  • Getting sponsorship from a company is a requisite step to obtain a work permit for employees wishing to undertake work in Indonesia. Once the RPTKA is issued by the government, the company must submit an application for a work permit (IMTA).
  • In the case of an Indonesian company, the RPTKA must be submitted to the Manpower Department. And if the company is foreign acquired, the  RPTKA must be submitted to the Investment Coordinating Board.
  • Some small Indonesian companies are prohibited from hiring ex-pats. The medium-sized company can hire only two foreign employees, whereas larger companies don’t have any cap and have to maintain a 1:1 ratio. But if an Indonesian employee can fill that same position, the work permit cannot be issued.
  • The employer must apply for a Temporary Stay Work Visa (VITAS) at the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). Post this, the BKPM will issue a recommendation letter to the Indonesian Immigration Department.
  • The employee has to apply for an Indonesian work visa (VITAS). It can be done in the nearest Embassy/Consulate of Indonesia. The photocopies of RPTKA and IMTA must be submitted. 
  • VITAS allows you to enter Indonesia. After arrival, the Immigration Department will issue the ITAS (Temporary stay permit). This allows one to stay and work in Indonesia for one year, which can later be extended.
  • After getting the temporary stay permit, you have to apply for a KITAS at the Immigration Office. ‍

Note: The KITAS is not a work visa for Indonesia. It is just a physical card that is proof of having a Temporary Stay Permit. Therefore, one can get a KITAS without any authorization to work.

  • Now, you must get a police report letter (STM) from the police department and register at the local municipality’s population office. From here, you will get a certificate of registration for a temporary resident (SKPPS).
  • Skill & Development Fund Fee Registration
  • The companies who hire foreign employees have to bear a cost of $100/month to fund the cost of training Indonesian workers. Administered by the Manpower Ministry, this is paid to the Skill & Development Fund Fee. This fee has to be paid before the approval of the work permit. 
  • The workforce plans are only issued for one year. The companies have to revise the plan to employ more foreign workers than their calculated workforce plan, which is a long process. 
  • For the positions apart from the directors, the foreign employees have to present their proof of expertise. The government of Indonesia regulates the number of employment of foreigners in the country to only “experts” to curb the high employment of nationals.

How Multiplier Can Help 

We’re a global EOR solution with local entities situated in over 100+ countries. We aim to enable companies like yours to employ people from all around the world. We have a suite of HR solutions accentuated by the in-house experts enabling 360-degree solutions to our users.

Using our SaaS-based solution, you can request a work permit for Indonesia. Our in-house experts will cover the entire process, including the processing time, costs, document checklist, and keep you informed throughout the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Indonesia work permit visa is valid for approximately three months to one year. The KITAS or “temporary stay permit” is issued for employment purposes and can be renewed when it expires. If one has stayed for up to three years with a KITAS, then they can apply for KITAP or “Permanent Stay Permit”. The validity for a KITAP is five years and can be renewed when it expires.

Yes, it is issued in Indonesia. A single entry visa allows one to enter Indonesia for one time before it expires. The validity of this visa is 60 days.

Yes, it is allowed. The dependent family members can apply for an Indonesia visa and can get KITAS together. However, your designated employer has to apply for their Indonesia visa at the same time when applying for your work visa.

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